In 2019 Khameleon started when Christopher Kane(vocalist) Met Mason White(guitarist). It took awhile for things to kick off with the band but when they got Trent Clark(bassist) And Tyler Sanders(drummer) Things hit off and from there they went on to play 5 shows still looking for more currently.
In 2021 they released their first 2 demos the first titled: Black Roses which is a nice mix of grunge, punk and heavy metal with influences from bands like Silverchair to Nirvana
And the second track: Portrayer Of Self Infliction which has a much harder edge and darker, heavier tone taking influence from heavy metal bands like Slipknot, Korn, sepultura, and Gojira.
Khameleon is currently playing grunge and heavy metal but are looking to branch out to more genres and don’t wanna be pigeonholed into one specific genre.
If you like music, you’ll like Khameleon.